A bespoke foot reflexology treatment that begins with a relaxing foot soak. We will discuss your current health and medical history and agree on a relevant treatment plan for you, whether that be for a single session or several. The treatment is non-invasive and deeply relaxing whilst balancing and restoring your bodies energies and systems. You will leave feeling grounded, focused and replenished. 

60 mins - £40 

90 mins - £55 


Aromareflex uses a carefully selected range of oils that are extremely beneficial. You will have your own blend applied throughout the treatment and will also be given a pot to take home so that you can maximise the benefits of your session by continued use and application. 

60 mins - £45 

90 mins - £60


Whether you are trying get get pregnant, already pregnant or about to give birth, reflexology is a powerful way in supporting you through your journey.


Conception is complex and it is not uncommon for couples to take 2-3 years to conceive and about a quarter of all couples trying to conceive have problems. It is so important to make sure that our bodies are in the right condition so that we are able to conceive and begin pregnancy. Did you know that anti-histamines dry up the mucus all over your body? This impacts the quality of cervical mucus during the time of ovulation and decreases the chances of becoming pregnant. Think about it - if the mucus has all dried up in your body, it is going to be very hard for the sperm to move correctly to reach and fertilise the egg. 

Getting pregnant is not as easy for some couples as it is for others. Reflexology can support both you and your partner through this time. There is evidence that suggests stress affects fertility and so you can find yourself in a vicious cycle.  Many have received a diagnosis of unexplained fertility which creates a lot of frustration, worry and a feeling of not knowing how to go forward. 

The role of reflexology during this period is to reduce stress and increase relaxation.  We look at detoxifying your body and focus on supporting and balancing your endocrine and reproductive systems. We take the holistic approach to health very seriously and so the treatment plan will carry on outside of the therapy room and consist of looking at your lifestyle and making the necessary adjustments and changes that are needed for conception. If you are having fertility treatments or going onto IVF, these sessions will guide you through, working and amending the treatment with any changes that you are experiencing. 

We usually suggest a block of 12 weekly sessions however it can vary for each individual. As we are working with cycles, we need to make enough time for changes and shifts to happen. 

60 minutes - £45

12 60 minute sessions  - £500



Pregnancy is one of, if not the most magical experience in the world. However, it does come with many uncomfortable side effects and conditions. We will discuss your health and pregnancy so that we can adapt the session to target your symptoms. Reflexology works to relieve and reduce any symptoms you may be experiencing, from back pain to acid reflux, to carpel tunnel syndrome or IBS. We work from the inside out, balancing hormones, relaxing the body to keep you feeling as comfortable as possible throughout your pregnancy and preparing you for labour.

60 mins - £40